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Anil Kapoor: I've always been a supporter of independent films

Anil Kapoor: I've always been a supporter of independent films

Actor-producer Anil Kapoor says he is a big supporter of independent cinema and has pursued the career of an independent filmmaker when he had started producing films.

I've always been a supporter of independent films. I myself have been an independent filmmaker when me and my brother (Boney Kapoor) started... The biggest example of an independent film was 'Slumdog Millionaire', which was a small, little film which became so huge," Anil told IANS.

"All the independent filmmakers should dream... Anything can happen, they might make a film which might be seen all over the world. I want to wish all the independent filmmakers all the best for the future films which they will be making," he added.

Anil ventured into production with the 2002 film 'Badhaai Ho Badhaai' and subsequently produced and co-produced numerous films such as 'My Wife's Murder', 'Short Kut: The Con is On', 'Aisha', 'No Problem', 'Khubsoorat (2014)' and 'Gandhi, My Father', which had even won a National Award.

He is also producing the Hindi version of the popular international series, '24', which will return with its second season later this year.

Anil has talked about independent cinema in the wake of "I am a Filmmaker, I am Independent" campaign started by Gaurav Pandey.

"I am extremely delighted with Anil Kapoor's comments and it is a big boost to our campaign. It is a matter of great pride that such a big name, Anil Kapoor, also supports independent filmmakers and the biggest motivation for all of us is that he is a superstar, but he, too, had to start as an independent filmmaker," Pandey said.

"I am a Filmmaker, I am Independent" also has a community consisting of independent filmmakers and carries out various initiatives for them.



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