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Arjun Rampal injures himself, advised complete bed rest

Arjun Rampal injures himself, advised complete bed rest

We know that Bollywood actors are prone to injuries, considering they indulge in lot of action and stunts on the sets, especially the ones who prefer to perform their stunts all by themselves. One such actor is Arjun Rampal who has injured his knee on the sets of 'Kahaani 2' which is a sequel to Vidya Balan-starrer 'Kahaani'.

Arjun posted a picture of his broken knee and wrote, "Busted my knee today,while filming a chase sequence. Finished the shoot.Now in agony.But then #nopainnogain #kahaani2″. Now that the actor has incidentally given us a sneak peek into the film and revealed that the audience can expect some edge-of-the-seat entertainment from the sequel too.
The sequel too has Vidya playing the protagonist, however, what the film is all about and what role Arjun would be seen playing in the film is still undisclosed. But one thing is for sure, alike the original, the sequel too promises a lot of adrenaline, chase sequences and action. We aren't saying it; it comes straight from the (injured) horse's mouth.


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