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Athiya Shetty and Kriti Sanon eyeing the same role

Athiya Shetty and Kriti Sanon eyeing the same role

Gone are the days when most Bollywood actresses were content with the same routine storyline. Today, stars are going all out to bag roles that allow them to showcase their prowess on screen. And it seems like two newcomers — Athiya Shetty and Kriti Sanon — are both gunning for the same flick.

The film in question is Siddharth Anand's 'Badlaa' , which stars Sanjay Dutt in the lead role and will be shot in different parts of Europe. The makers are on the lookout for a parallel lead opposite Dutt. Both Athiya and Kriti are way younger than Dutt and the chosen one will be essaying the role of a runaway daughter, who happens to be a boxer. It is said that the actress will have to be someone who is lean, energetic and adept at performing elaborate stunts. It seems that the producers are divided over who to cast. So, while on one hand, one producer would prefer casting Kriti, the other one wants to go with Athiya. And Dutt, who is an old friend of Suniel Shetty, is leaning towards Athiya as well.

Siddharth is mulling about who to cast since shooting for the flick will begin in August and preparations start just a few weeks from now. The makers will take a call within the next 10 days. Recent reports also said that Athiya had taken up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to get in shape. We wonder if she decided to opt for MMA to increase her chances for this role.


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