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Chudail Story Movie Review

Chudail Story Movie Review

STORY: A seductive witch kills men by casting a spell on them. A bunch of friends are trapped in a haunted house with mysterious lady. Is she the same witch? Do they manage to escape her fangs alive? REVIEW: Barely a week after the unintentionally funny 1920 London hit the screens, another chudail is waiting to show us a better time. Thankfully, this one at least knows the basics of make-up and is not caught amidst a perpetual bad hair day. But her story is equally dull.

Director Surya Lakkoju took a cue from Karan Johar's joke about casting good-looking people and we get a hot demoness, who adds oomph to the film. It could've been easy to buy into her simmering rage had it not been for her feeble backstory. 
The chudail is appealing till she doesn't murmur a dialogue. Of course, no one would expect good acting in a film with such an obnoxious title but this one is so bad that it is not even good. The inane dialogues make the two-and-a-half hour's runtime unbearable, leaving you more bored than scared. 

The macabre ambiance is built solely by a resounding grim voice that rants about the chudail and her secret power. Frankly, it is more of a running commentary that seems right out of a catalog, which lists down the dos and don'ts. Good writing has never been a forte of Indian horror films. They take pride in being banal. In this movie, there are scenes lifted straight from Conjuring, Vaastu Shastra and even from Ragini MMS 2. The cardinal rule of scaring people is to avoid showing the face of the ghost. There is always a greater fear of the unknown. But that as a concept hasn't been drilled well in to the psyche of Indian filmmakers yet. We are subjected to sauce dripping faces and ridiculous looking contact lenses that even a seven-year old wouldn't be scared of. As for the actors, the lesser said about them the better.



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