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Cops didn’t ask for Kangana Ranaut’s laptop, says her advocate

Cops didn’t ask for Kangana Ranaut’s laptop, says her advocate

After Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli recorded their statements with the Cyber Crime Cell on Saturday evening, reports suggested that the actress had declined to share her laptop and smartphone, which could further aid investigations. However, Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddique maintained that the cops did not demand for any of her gadgets. He said, "After receipt of the FIR copy from the court, my clients fully co-operated with the cyber cell in recording their statements, to the full satisfaction of the police officers."

Kangana Ranaut records her statement with the police.

 Furthermore, according to sources, mediators who tried to intervene between the two actors have not been able to achieve much success. He added, "My client shall never succumb to any pressure. Some common people who had intervened had a fixed agenda of only scaring Kangana and hiding the truth, which didn't materialise. The world, including people from the film industry, need to learn that in today's changing times, no woman is scared of anything if she is fiercely determined and has truth by her side. Kangana knows and is fully convinced that there is no impostor as had there really been one, then Hrithik himself would have immediately acted on her sister's complaint which he received on his correct email address on the May 25, 2014. His own acts of commissions and omissions after receipt of the said emails from my client's sister, coupled with his blatant lies from time to time, speak volumes of his conduct. However, nothing is going to help as Hrithik Roshan cannot change the facts of the matter. A lot of things will soon unfold in due course of time."

Hrithik's spokesperson said via a text message, "Recording of the statement is the first step in any investigative process. We welcome the move. It has taken so long for them to take the first step. A lot of delay and drama has happened. Let's not try and confuse the matter further with various statements. Let the investigation speak for itself."



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