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Criminal Movie Review

Criminal Movie Review

STORY: Jericho Stewart (Costner) is a death row inmate who is the subject of a CIA mind-transplant experiment. Under the watchful eye of Quaker Wells (Oldman) and the genius Dr Franks (Jones), the memories and personality of a deceased CIA operative is transplanted into the mind of Stewart. 

What results is a curious mix of CIA agent-meets-street thug. But in doing so, will the original experiment - that of foiling a plot to create a wormhole program that would allow a programmer to bypass all computer codes protecting the world's nuclear defense codes - be successful? REVIEW: It is worth noting that Costner, Oldman and Jones have teamed up for the second time since 1991's JFK. 

But while that movie involved an intricate web of intrigue and investigation, this one seeks to go into a brand new direction. Ambitious, not a doubt, for it is quite interesting and often amusing to see an old lug like Kevin Costner wrestle with what is essentially a split personality that he has been somewhat forcefully subjected to.

So, after an initial bit of hospital and laboratory wizardry courtesy sympathetic scientist/doctor Jones and the permanently high-strung Wells, A Frankenstein is born. We get to see a Liam Neeson-like lumbering Kevin Costner muck about the mean city back streets, giving into doner kebab cravings, stealing vans and bopping louts over the noggin. But what then of Ryan Reynolds' character Bill Pope? Well, the short time that he gets to be on screen is important to the manner in which the movie plays out for the protagonist, who is Jericho. Costner does a good job of channeling dual personalities.

 There are flashes of Bill Pope, in terms of memories, mannerisms, gestures, facial expressions, voice and more. Sure, there is a fair bit of violence. And yes, it might seem needlessly gratuitous at times but you can let that slip as you've probably not seen Costner in this challenging a role (for him at least) in quite a while. The London location also makes for a beautiful backdrop for the film. Definitely different, and interesting.


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