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I was sceptical of being cast with Sunny Leone: Nyra Banerjee

I was sceptical of being cast with Sunny Leone: Nyra Banerjee

When your Bollywood launch film is titled 'One Night Stand', attention is assured. The film is quite bold in its approach and for debutant Nyra Banerjee, who is paired opposite Tanuj Virwani in the film, accepting the role came with its share of scepticism. But Nyra's on-screen character is poles apart from what she is in real life; the young, bubbly and lovable actor is shy and reserved off screen. In a chat with us, she shares her experience of working in a bold film and why Sunny Leone is unlike her on-screen avatars.

Your launch movie is based on one night stands. Were you sceptical of taking it up? 

This is not the first film I have shot for; it's the one releasing first. It has an unconventional story and yes, I was sceptical of taking it up. I was scared of being slotted in the 'bold category'. However, the film is way more than just bold scenes and one night stands. It delves deeper into the subject and from a woman's perspective. In addition, the team is women-dominated so the final product has a wider perspective of the issue. 

Tell us about your role in 'One Night Stand'.

 I play Tanuj Virwani's onscreen wife, Simran, a woman who has given up everything to be with her husband. She is innocent, bubbly and lovable. She loves to bake and prefers staying at home to dedicated maximum time to her husband. I chose to do this role as it is more powerful than romcoms or formula driven films, which I will eventually take up.

You play a baker in the film. Do you bake in real life? 
As a child, I would bake with mom on every weekend. Saturdays were for puddings and Sundays for sponge cakes. However, it has been seven years since I have baked. It was pleasant to relive baking memories on the sets. I found it difficult to get into the groove of baking again but it was fun and exciting at the same time.

 How was it working with Sunny Leone? 

Sunny is down-to-earth and has no airs about being a star. She is completely involved in every scene and makes it a point to discuss scenes before rolling. She likes to understand the opposite person's perspective before enacting.

Do you advocate one night stands?

 Definitely not! I am damn scared of what could happen during a one night stand. So, I am not comfortable about it. Having said that, the film is not only about one night stands. It is about what happens after that. The issue is dealt with from a woman's perspective.



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