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Khel Toh Abb Shuru Hoga Movie Review

Khel Toh Abb Shuru Hoga Movie Review

STORY: A bank security guard Abbas (Ruslaan) ploys to loot his own bank with a little help from his allies. The robbery doesn't end well and he must fight to save the love of his life. REVIEW: When you think of bank robberies in Bollywood films, the first one that comes to your mind is Aankhen. It was a thrilling delight that never lets you get distracted. 

But Khel To Ab Shuru Hoga which is deemed to be a chase drama, lacks a similar strong plot. A good story and half-good actors are enough to make a watchable film. However, it is indeed unfortunate that this movie doesn't get anything right. With a cliched narrative, clunky screenplay, tacky production and outrageous dialogues, it is a lost case from the word go.

What is particularly disheartening, is to see the promising Ruslaan Mumtaz reduce himself to such gimmicky parts. He was looked upon as the hope of the young brigade when his cutesy Parisian love-story Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar impressed everyone. But in this film, it is difficult to bear him. 

He hams through most scenes and sleepwalks through the rest. Rohit Pathak, who slips into a grey character overacts tad much. Writer-director Kunal Singh should have steered clear from making a thriller. 

He intertwines romance with robbery and mixed identity, making the story a hotchpotch. This film is the kind of boring that will make you restless. It is also necessary in a thriller that the camerawork and the ambience helps in building the film's intrigue factor. But here, the outlandish frames seemed too jarring. Even if you'd done your best to stay invested in the daft plot, there is no support from any department. Budget or actors don't sell a film, its content does. On that count, this movie fails dismally.


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