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Allari Delays Krishna's Dream

Allari Delays Krishna's Dream

Well-known comedian Krishna Bhagawan was also a writer who worked for several films of senior director Vamsi. When Bhagawan became busy with comedy roles, he stopped writing. Now, the star comedian is willing to become a director, but hero Allari Naresh is delaying him from becoming so. 

Krishna Bhagawan has recently approached Allari Naresh with an entertaining script and an intention of directing the movie. Although Naresh liked the script, he wanted to give the direction chance to Aneesh Krishna of Ala Ela fame, with whom he had already committed for a movie. 

Krishna Bhagawan also accepted to offer the script, with a hope of getting direction chance sometime in the future. Apart from penning the story, Bhagawan is also providing dialogues for the film to be produced by Chandrasekhar who had previously made Kevvu Keka with Allari Naresh. Allari Naresh, 

who is celebrating his birthday today, is presently shooting for G Eshwar Reddy's comedy entertainer Selfie Raja, where Krishna Bhagawan will be seen in a hilarious role.

Allari Naresh, Krishna Bhagvan, movies, Ala Ela,Well-known comedian Krishna Bhagawan was also a writer worked for several films of senior director Vamsi


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