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Bollywood celebs' Instagram pics you should not miss!

Bollywood celebs' Instagram pics you should not miss!

Salman Khan has always accepted that he is fond of kids and would love to have one of his own. Whenever he is seen with kids, he turns into this adorable man we can't get enough of. A very good example of it is this picture of him and his nephew Ahil. We can’t take our eyes off it! The picture has Salman cuddling his little nephew. The little munchkin has his t-shirt in his mouth while his eyes are set on his mamu. This is such a lovely picture. This is not the first picture of him with his little nephew but all these pictures have always had one thing in common, he looked the happiest in them.

While the half of nation's girls have already gone weak in their knees for Shah Rukh Khan's elder son Aryan and are eagerly waiting for him to spell magic on silver screen, it seems their wait is going to be longer than expected. After all, Aryan is just 18-year-old and a graduate at that. And guess who went on a shopping spree for the handsome boy? His mommy dearest, Gauri Khan. The entire Khan-daan went to London to congratulate Aryan on his graduation and even partied together, post which SRK returned to Mumbai to honour his professional commitments. However, Gauri stayed back and even shopped a lot of goodies for her academically brilliant son. She tweeted saying,

 "Shopping#for#my#18#year#old ... Super#fun#day#selfridges." While Gauri went on a shopping spree for Aryan, SRK, in his impeccable trademark wit had earlier said that Aryan is better looking but not smarter than him. You bet Shah Rukh! Let's hope Aryan too turns out to be as entertaining on and off screen as his superstar dad has been all these years. by Hiten J Trivedi


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