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Dino Morea: I am still looking for a role that is impactful

Dino Morea: I am still looking for a role that is impactful

Actor Dino Morea may have been away from limelight and may not have signed a movie since 2010, but he confesses that he is still waiting for the right project to be offered. "I am looking for a role that is impactful. One which, when you watch a film, makes you go wow!" says Dino in an interview to a daily. "I have an image in the industry but I understand that I need to build on that," he says.

Although Dino's career as a producer is on a roll with his production house now venturing into regional films,the actor Dino is dissatisfied with the roles that are being offered to him. "Acting is my first love, but the offers which I have been getting have been ridiculous. I didn't want to dig my own grave," he says. He was last seen in 'Pyaar Impossible' (2010).

The actor admits that it is his businesses that are helping him stay afloat. He also has multiple business ventures including a chain of fitness centres, an e-commerce business as well as a pop up club."I have always been over ambitious and have had many ideas in these years. I wanted to execute them and I realised that this was the right time to work at them. Plus my businesses are helping me stay afloat," he adds.


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