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HC asks Rajpal Yadav to undergo six-day jail term for contempt

HC asks Rajpal Yadav to undergo six-day jail term for contempt

The Delhi high court on Friday ordered Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav to surrender to Tihar Jail authorities here by July 15 to serve the remainder of six days of the 10-day imprisonment awarded to him in 2013 for filing a false affidavit. Yadav spent four days in jail in December 2013 after which a division bench of the court suspended the sentence on his appeal. 

On Friday, a bench of Justices S Ravindra Bhat and Deepa Sharma upheld the sentence awarded in December 2013, saying Yadav's "failure to follow procedure cannot be countenanced" as despite being given adequate time to explain his conduct "he resorted to falsehood".

"In the present case, the long history of the litigation shows that repeated undertakings were breached; when called upon to answer why action should not be taken, the appellant and his wife gave false and evasive replies; these included affirming a false affidavit,'' the court said. 

The bench said when Yadav was afforded abundant opportunities to make amends, the conduct which he displayed "was deplorable, to put it mildly".

 The contempt action was initiated against the actor for misleading the court in a recovery suit filed against him and his wife by a businessman.

The single judge bench, which was hearing the recovery suit, had taken exception to the affidavit fi led by Yadav on December 2, 2013 which was allegedly falsely prepared and contained forged signatures of his wife.

 Annoyed by the affidavit, the court had ordered that Yadav be sent to jail for 10 days for contempt and directed that his wife, who had appeared with their child before the court, be kept in the office of the Registrar General till the rising of the court.

 Delhi-based businessman M G Agarwal had filed a recovery suit against the actor and his wife for failing to repay a loan of Rs five crore which the Yadav had taken in 2010 for his directorial debut.



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