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Indian Olympic association may drop Salman Khan as Goodwill Ambassador

Indian Olympic association may drop Salman Khan as Goodwill Ambassador

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is controversy's favourite child and his latest unjustified remark has irked the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) who have threatened to drop him as the Goodwill Ambassador of the Indian contingent for the Rio Olympics if an immediate "public apology" for his irresponsible 'rape' comment doesn't come through. 

Salman was quoted as saying in an interview for his upcoming film that "when I used to walk out of the ring after the shoot (of his upcoming movie 'Sultan' in which he plays the role of a wrestler), I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn't walk straight".

IOA's joint secretary, Rakesh Gupta, on Wednesday took serious note of his insensitive comment and said that "His comments as goodwill ambassador would send a wrong message to all the sportspersons in the country." He further added, "He shouldn't have used this analogy to describe his shooting schedule. He should have given a different answer or cited some other example. This way he has hurt the image of Indian sports. This statement will have an adverse effect with the Rio Olympics fast approaching. He should immediately apologize for his remark."


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