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Balayya met with car accident, Escapes unhurt

Balayya met with car accident, Escapes 


 Actor and Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna has escaped unhurt after the car he travelling hit divider on Wednesday. The incident took place on his return from Anantapur to Bangalore. After participating in a few programmes in Chilamattur Mandal in Hindupur, Balayya was heading to Bangalore International Airport via highway. 

The incident took place on his return from Anantapur to Bangalore. The incident happened at Chundur near Bagepalli of Karnataka. 

According to reports, Balakrishna himself was behind the wheels and he had tried to avoid the vehicle coming in the opposite direction during when he lost control of his car and it has hit the divider. Balakrishna had escaped from the incident unhurt. As per cops, there were fiver persons in the car and all have escaped without any injuries. However, the car was reportedly damaged. 

Immediately, Balakrishna was sent to Bangalore in another car. DSP Subbarao and other police officials have displaced the car and renewed the traffic. Cops are probing the issue. More Details are awaited.

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