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Is Babu A Hero Or Villain For Balayya?

Is Babu A Hero Or Villain For Balayya?

 Yesterday, film star and TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna announced that his 101st film will be directed by Krishna Vamsi and also confirmed that the film has been titled as Raithu. Needless to say, Balayya's announcement thrilled his fans. 

Raithu is an intense rural drama with agriculture backdrop and Balayya will be seen as a powerful farmers' leader who fights for the justice for farmers. Raithu's basic storyline has an interesting connect with Balayya's equations with AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu and TDP. 

With Raithu's story featuring struggles being faced by the farmers community, the film will naturally showcase anti-establishment (read anti-government) conditions that are prevalent in the present day society. 

This invariably means that Balayya's Raithu will take on Chandrababu's government, even though on a lighter tone. In the past, Balayya's brother Harikrishna made Tiger Harischandra Prasad targeting Babu and TDP. 

The film naturally strained the relationship between Babu and Harikrishna to an extent. It will now be interesting to see if Balayya's Raithu will portray Babu as a savior who rescues the farmers from their plight or a villain who turns a deaf ear to their miseries. 

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