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Jane Seymour proud of ageing

Jane Seymour proud of ageing

Actress Jane Seymour said she is proud to have aged naturally and has never gone under the knife to look young .

The 65-year-old opened up about her idea of ageing gracefully while recreating her famous 1993 magazine cover, reported People magazine.

"First of all, I love that dress, I still have it, Love this pendant, actually, that pendant I used to wear all the time," the former 'Bond Girl' said referring to the gown she wore for the iconic cover, the newer version of which reads "Timeless Beauty".

"My hair color is still pretty much the same, I don't do Botox, I don't do any shots or fillers or anything. I haven't done anything," the actress said while comparing both the covers.

"I'm quite proud of the fact that I've got a couple of wrinkles going there, As an actress, I think it's rather important to show emotions," she added.

Sean Flynn, Seymour's 31-year-old son, photographed the 'Dr Quinn Medicine Woman' star.



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