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Nag Opens Up on Chaitu, Akhil's Love

Nag Opens Up on Chaitu, Akhil's Love

 Nagarjuna has finally broken his silence on the much-talked about issue of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha's love life. Nag shared that Amala and he were delighted to see Chaitu finding his life partner. 

"Amala and I are very happy for Chaitanya who has found someone who makes him happy. We'll be making the announcement soon," Nag was quoted as saying. Nag also commented on Akhil's relationship with Hyderabad-based designer Shriya Bhupal, daughter of industrialist Shalini Bhupal. "Akhil too is seeing a girl. But contrary to rumours, they're not engaged as yet," Nag told to leading Daily. 

Both Chaitanya and Akhil are busy with their careers. Marriages will happen when they can take time off for the events. A formal announcement on Naga Chaitanya-Samantha's engagement is likely to be made soon by the respective families. 

Meanwhile, success has been eluding Naga Chaitanya, Akhil who're waiting with bated breath for success. As Chaitu is waiting for the release of his films Premam and Saahasame Swaasaga Saagipo, Akhil would team up with director Hanu Raghavapudi. 

With Nag's nod coming for Chaitu-Sam's love, looks like, there's no stopping for their grand gala wedding. 

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