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Nani Gets Chaitu's title

Nani Gets Chaitu's title

 Natural actor Nani is currently enjoying the success of his latest flick 'Gentleman'. After that, he lined up two projects with Trinath Rao and Virinchi Varma. Sources say that 'Majnu' is being considered as a title for Nani-Virinchi Varma's film.

Interesting fact is that, this title 'Majnu' had been considered for Naga Chaitanya's 'Premam' remake. Chandu Mondeti and Chaitanya considered it as they found 'Majnu' apt for their subject. But, they stuck to the original title 'Premam'. So, Nani and team are interested in naming their film 'Majnu' as it is a romantic entertainer as per sources.

 Earlier, we saw Dil Raju giving away his title 'Jana Gana Mana' to Mahesh and Puri. Now, we need to see whether 'Majnu' will be zeroed or not. 

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