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Ryan Reynolds warned wife Blake Lively about 'The Shallows'

Ryan Reynolds warned wife Blake Lively about 'The Shallows'

Husband Ryan Reynolds warned Blake Lively that her upcoming thriller 'The Shallows' would be a tough experience which would 'beat her up emotionally.' The 28-year-old actress, who plays a woman trapped on a rock in the middle of the ocean as a shark circles her, recalled Reynolds saying that the movie 'is going to be an athletic event' for her, reports Channel24.
"This is going to be an athletic event. Prepare yourself. It will beat you up emotionally, it will be rewarding. It will be the most physical thing you've ever done in your life. Don't be thrown by that," the 39-year-old actor advised his wife. Reynold's warnings came after undertaking a similar project of his own in 2010's 'Buried.' The 'Gossip Girls' star, who is expecting their second child, further said that she was not particularly impressed by the premise of 'Buried,' which saw the 'Deadpool' actor trapped in a box buried underground.
"I remember when I first saw that movie. I thought, 'I really like you, you're a cool person but I don't think I want to watch anyone in a box for an hour-and-a-half.' But it was beautiful film-making," she said. Reportedly, ' The Shallows's survival theme has been compared to ' The Revenant,' which finally scored her former-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar. Lively, however, insisted that her mind was more focused on making a "cool and fun" movie than trying to win awards. "That's a very generous comparison. It's an isolation movie where, for better or worse, you have to hold the screen for 99 per cent of the movie. You're trying to make it a fun, sexy, cool summer movie. You don't have the pressure of trying to win your Oscar," she added.


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