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Shah Rukh Khan explains 2 reasons for not releasing 'Raees' with 'Sultan' this Eid

Shah Rukh Khan explains 2 reasons for not releasing 'Raees' with 'Sultan' this Eid

Mumbai: Eid has always been Salman Khan's time and Diwali Shah Rukh Khan's. But last year, it became a talk of the town when SRK locked this Eid for the release of 'Raees' along with good friend Salman Khan's 'Sultan'.

Today, while speaking to the media here at his Mannat, the 50-year-old actor gave a proper explanation to why 'Raees' release got delayed.

 "We have two reasons (for not releasing Raees with Sultan). One is, me and Salman spoke about it that big films have their level release wise. They should get released in at least 3500 to 4000 theatres at one time. We all have faced it at certain point of time that two big films came together and did not get the desired theatrical release. This is quite a big loss for the budget of the film. Till the time we have eight to nine thousand theatres for release of two big films, this cannot happen," he said. 

"Second part was, we were still working on it and it was injured. I have still some portions to shoot for a day. But the film is ready. We thought of an alternate date in this year. But some other big film was coming then," added the 'Dilwale' actor.

With this, SRK stated that they have finalised a probable release date, which is on January 25 or 26 next year. 

But even then, it was believed that the film would clash with Hrithik Roshan's 'Kaabil.' But, clearing the air, the Badshah of Bollywood said that the clash might not happen. 

"We have discussed with Hrithik for ' Kaabil' because it has just started its shoot. So hopefully we will come out on 25th or 26th January now. We have time. A little bit of work is left. I have not given my last shot till now," he said.

 "I knew Hrithik's film was coming but he had not started the film then. We talked to Hrithik and Riteish (Sidhwani), Farhan (Akhtar) are meeting him and Rakeshji (Roshan) on 11th or 12th this month. Then they will finalise on what's to be done," he added. 

With this, it can be speculated that ' Raees' will have a solo release next year.


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