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Bigg Boss 10 promo is out and Salman Khan has turned astronaut

Bigg Boss 10 promo is out and Salman Khan has turned astronaut:

 The first promo of India's biggest reality show Bigg Boss 10 featuring Salman Khan is out. Salman Khan is seen dressed up as an astronaut. The astronaut is just one of his many looks in the promos leading up to the show.

The space suit is the creation of his favourite designer Ashley Rebello."Salman was really kicked about it because no one has attempted to play an astronaut in Bollywood before," informs a source from the show's set.

In the promo, Salman talks about how history will be rewritten in the Bigg Boss house this time when common men and women enter it for the first time.

Salman says: "Jab chand par dikha insaan pehli baar ya ande se nikli murgi pehli baar, create hus itihaas. Ab aam public aa rahi hai pehli baar in Bigg Boss to create history but kya hoga that is the mystery. Bigg Boss season 10 with comman women and men."

Bigg Boss 10 introduces commoners as contestants who were shortlisted through auditions which began immediately after the show's ninth season wrapped up in January. The idea is to tell viewers that people from all walks of life are welcome in the house this time around. 

The team is currently erecting a set in Lonavala. Salman Khan is going to have a separate chalet-like lodging for his weekend shoot for the show. He will be only shooting on Saturday and Sunday. It's going to be a mini house, complete with a verandah and a gym. The actor also insists on a designated enclosure for his dogs though he has never got any canines on the set so far.There is a dining room but no kitchen and no cooks. Salman's mother Salma packs him a dabba from home.

The Bigg Boss shoot will span over four months.

 Bigg Boss has been giving an inside view into the life of celebrities since 2006. The show will air on Colors. (With inputs from Mumbai Mirror)


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