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Sheridan Smith jokes about revealing birthday outfit in VERY booby throwback snap as she celebrates turning 34

Sheridan Smith jokes about revealing birthday outfit in VERY booby throwback snap as she celebrates turning 34

 The BAFTA-winning actress showed off her flirty side in the shot from her 30th birthday which was posted by a friend

Sheridan Smith turns 34 tomorrow and clearly her pals are set on embarrassing her by posting throwback snaps.

 The Cilla actress joked about the outfit she decided to celebrate her 30th after a friend shared a VERY booby photograph of her on Twitter, writing: "greatest birthday outfit ever!" 

A red-faced Sheridan, who can be seen in the shot wearing a black bra and low grey loose top while twirling her blonde hair, replied: "NOOO!Very drunk 30th.never again!!" 

The star also shared some cute pics of a micro pig claiming it would be her perfect present and wrote this morning: "God Damn waking up at work time with NO work! I'll never last my birthday drinks at this rate.Eye mask on (tw**) & back to sleep Love ya's x

But it seems she is now prepared for total carnage as she tweeted this afternoon: "Uh oh, let the birthday celebrations commence!!!!" 

We imagine it might get quite messy and Sheridan deserves to let her hair down after working so hard in recent months and even being nominated for a BAFTA for her portrayal of Cilla Black. 

She even wrote that she was worried we'd been seeing too much of her recently as she continued her reign over the small screen. 

The 33-year-old star tweeted: "Overwhelmed. Taking a break from filming now after doing Cilla, C Word & Black Work back to back. Don't want u sick of me!" 

Sheridan, who received an OBE last month, then swiftly deleted the post, which was probably wise, she doesn't want to ruin any future opportunities. But, how could we ever be sick of her!



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