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Post break-up, Virat Kohli kicking Anushka Sharma in 'fake' photo goes viral (see pic)

Post break-up, Virat Kohli kicking Anushka Sharma in 'fake' photo goes viral (see pic)..

New Delhi: After Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif's break-up took the tinselvile by a storm, the split of this another celeb couple has raised a lot of eyebrows. We are talking about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli who have recently called it quits. Ever since the news of their split broke, a lot has been said and written about the couple speculating the actual reason behind their break-up. While neither Virat nor Anushka have come out in open about this, their split has come as a shock for their fans and it seems that one of their fans has thought to give a totally insane edge to the break-up. A pic of the couple is going viral these days in which Virat is seen kicking on Anushka's b**t. Although the pic is grabbing eyeballs, it is actually a photshoped pic of the now ex-couple merging two different pics of Anushka and Virat.

While Anushka Sharma's pic is the one from Vogue's cover story in 2014, Virat's pic is from an endorsement a few years back.
With such a pic going viral on social media post their break-up, we wonder what Anushka and Virat have to say about this.


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