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Shakira's son big fan of 'Zootopia'

Shakira's son big fan of 'Zootopia'

Pop star Shakira beamed with pride after catching her son singing along to her 'Zootopia' theme tune.

The pop superstar, 39, treated her two boys, Milan and Sasha, to early screenings of her new animated Disney film, in which she voices the character Gazelle, and she knew it would be a hit after her eldest began reciting the lyrics to her soundtrack song, 'Try Everything'.

"My son (Milan) is three-years-old and I caught him singing the lyrics and I was so surprised because I never taught them to him!" she told US breakfast show "Good Morning America".

"I think he absorbed them, I don't know when, but he was repeating them. He was so cute! Little Milan loved it so much, he watched it twice, in English and in Spanish". "He really really enjoyed it," the proud mother added.



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