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5 films that Censor Board shouldn't have allowed to release

5 films that Censor Board shouldn't have allowed to release

The entire film fraternity stands united in the battle of Udta Punjab vs Censor Board. While Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) have suggested 89 cuts or the film to be totally banned, the entire Bollywood industry has come together in support of the film and it's co-producer Anurag Kashyap who is going all out in his battle against Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani. On the one hand, where Nihalani has problems with the content, the exposure of drug racket in Punjab and the word 'Punjab' in the title of the film, on the other, we bring you a list of five films that had devastating objectionable content and shouldn't have seen the light of day. by Hiten J Trivedi

To call it a raunchy comedy would be an understatement. To begin with, the first poster of the film itself was too bold for anyone's comfort. To add fuel to the fire, the film's content was devastatingly derogatory to say the least. The dialogues, the scenes, the screenplay, the actions were too bold even by the standards of an adult comedy. We wonder whether the makers had made two different films - one for the Censor Board and one for the audience, because if they had sent the same film to the CBFC that eventually released then we really wonder what were the CB officials thinking when they passed a film like that and let it released. If 'Mastizaade' could hit the silver screens then we don't see any reason for 'Udta Punjab' to get stuck in the censor row! by Hiten J Trivedi

This is probably the first (and the last) adult film Imran Khan and his producer Maamu Aamir Khan would be associated with. Considering he has enjoyed the image of a good guy, this film from his stable came as a shocker for the audience, especially his fans. Nobody had ever imagined that Imran and his co-stars Kunal Kapoor and Vir Das would do such a bold film like Delhi Belly. With ample use of expletives and foul language apart from the raunchy content of the film compels us to wonder how the film was cleared by the Censors and made it to the silver screen. If you still havent seen the film, then bhaag DK Bose and buy a DVD to know what we are talking about. by Hiten J Trivedi

If 'Mastizaade' wasn't enough, this adult comedy that released in the consecutive week after 'Mastizaade' not only had equally objectionable and crass content, but it even looked similar, what with both the films being shot at Pattaya, Bangkok and with almost the same star cast? The humour and the 'below-the-belt' jokes would make even a fan of adult comedies cringe. Those who saw the film felt that 'Mastizaade' was remade and released within a week of its release as 'Kya Kool Hain Hum 3'. Or like we said earlier, maybe the Censor Board was shown some other film titled KKHH 3 and an altogether different version made it to the theatres to destroy audience's sanity! by Hiten J Trivedi

How can one ever forget one of the best films of Saif Ali Khan and Kunal Khemmu's careers? After all, the film introduced the concept of zombies in Bollywood for the first time apart from of course highlighting the much prevalent drug racket in Goa. Now if a film exposing drug scam and rave parties of Goa could be made with the word 'Goa' in the title of the film, we wonder what stops Censor Board from passing a film that exposes the ever prevalent drug issue in some other state, the name of which is a part of the film's title? Double standards, eh? by Hiten J Trivedi

How ironical is that a semi-porn film titled Jism, which has an American adult film star (or should we say a porn star) indulging in jaw-dropping intimacy and eyebrow-raising boldness was happily passed by the Censor Board... the same authority which has raised strong objections to the use of the word 'Punjab' in 'Udta Punjab' and has demanded 89 cuts in the film because it exposes a (g)rave issue that has always existed in the state and has adversely affected the youth of the state. The amount of kissing and intimacy that Jism 2 stars were seen indulging in would make even the couples sitting in the corner seats of the theatres cringe to say the least! Maybe this was CBFC's way of endorsing sex education in the country! by Hiten J Trivedi



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